Gál Ferenc Főiskola Szeged

2020.7.12., Name day: Izabella, Dalma.
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As of 1st February, Gál Ferenc University has commenced the maintenance of the health science education in Gyula. The delivery-acceptance ceremony was held on 31st January in the ceremony room of the town hall. At the event, mayor dr. Ernő Görgényi greeted those present amongst them, MPs, dr. József Kovács and Béla Dankó, the rector of Gál Ferenc University dr., Gábor Kozma, the rector of Saint Stephen University, dr. János Tőzsér, and professor dr. Lajos Fodor who will be the director of the new institute.

dr. Gábor Kozma asserted that the day of acceptance was a ceremonial occasion which may not be hindered by any evil. As he said, Békés county is extremely important for the University since Gál Ferenc University has been present in the region since 2013. The University intends to cooperate in any activity that is held important by the local communities. This is so in public education, social service, child protection and higher education. The training itself, the quality and the intention for perfection cannot be different from the one during the period of Saint Stephen University.

The rector also highlighted that mercy lies in the focus treatment, caring for patients and social work, which is a fundamental law that is present in everybody. This has always been the mission of the Institute of Health Science in Gyula and it can only be confirmed. It is a great pleasure for the University to build up partnership and may inherit all that has been at disposal and now it can set up new goals. The support of the local government in Gyula has always been significant.